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At Todd River Resources Limited we have a strong commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and transparent stakeholder engagement in communities where we operate. We understand our priorities have the potential to impact on landowners’ practices; therefore we will manage our exploration to ensure we do not interfere with on going farming activities.  We value the culture and diversity of our employees and undertake to act with utmost integrity and honesty to all we deal with.

The team at Todd River Resources are committed to building positive and lasting relationships with all stakeholders in the communities in which we operate through open channels of communication, and where possible we will engage and support local businesses.  

If you would like more information or to submit any feedback, please feel free to contact us and we will respond within two business days.

Registered Office

128 Churchill Ave
Subiaco WA 6008

Postal Address

PO Box 1205
Osborne Park WA 6916


Phone +61 8 6166 0255

Email community@trrltd.com.au

Website www.trrltd.com.au